Information for Foreign Students

Where is Mannheim?

Mannheim is located in the south west of Germany. The cities of Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe are close by. France, Holland and Switzerland are easily reached by train. Paris (about 5-6 hrs.), Amsterdam (about 5 hrs.) Zürich (about 3.5 hrs.), Berlin (about 4 hrs.)

About the Department of Design

The Department of Design is one of several departments at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. The campus is situated in Mannheim, close to the Central Station. There are about 250 students in the department. The winter semester lasts from the beginning of october until mid-february. The summer semester from mid-march until mid-july.

The Department of Design offers courses in print and non-print areas at undergraduate and graduate (bachelor and master) levels. Course descriptions in drawing, graphics, typography, photography, video, animation, interactive media and design theory can be found here.

Language requirements

The teaching language is German. A good proficiency in German is required to study at the Department of Design. “Zertifikat Deutsch” tests can be taken at any Goethe Institute and should be included in the application. Further language courses can be taken at the University of Applied Arts and Sciences Mannheim during the stay.

Financial requirements

Living expenses should be calculated with 600 to 900 Euros per month.

How to apply

Prospective exchange students are asked to apply for a specific subject area or planned project. Exchange students are accepted on the basis of an application portfolio and the complete papers listed below. We strongly advise interested students to apply as early as possible.

Please send:

letter of application with information on CV, studies and career to date, description of the planned project and handwritten motivational writing in German

certification of matriculation, university degree certificate or interim certificate/first diploma (certified)

certification of the foreign language knowledge necessary for the study period. Minimum requirement for an exchange semester is “Zertifikat Deutsch” by the Goethe Institute or equivalent.

work samples which give a good impression of the current level of studies and the intended project.

recommendation by a professor tutoring the student.


Application deadline for the summer semester: january 15th

Application deadline for the winter semester: june 15th



General Information about the Department of Design
phone +49 (0)621 292 6159
fax +49 (0)621 292 6160 and this website.

Application and further information about the Department of Design
Foreign Student Advisor of the Department of Design:
Prof. Kai Beiderwellen (
phone +49 (0)621 292 6844