How we see Design

Communication Design

Mannheim‘s Communication Designers are problem solvers, whose goal is to solve their client’s communicational problems. These issues can vary, for example, from a product not finding buyers, a long-established company wanting to develop into a trend brand, or even having a breakthrough idea on how to save the rainforest which should be shared worldwide.

In each case, communication designers must first define what the actual problem is. How is a product, an idea or a proposal distinguishable? How could it have better or worse positioning when compared with possible competition? What does a client precisely aim to achieve? This is called product and target analysis.

Hence, a further question. At whom is the mentioned matter aimed? How do these aimed people live or think, and what is important to them? This is called target group analysis.

Communication Designers develop their creative ideas from these two types of analysis. What must be revealed to a target group in order for the basics of the given idea, product or proposal to be understood? The concept gives us an appropriate answer to the question. Now it only needs to be designed. But by which means? By using the internet or motion pictures, television commericials or newspaper adverts, radio commercials or maybe even having sandwich men advertising in pedestrian zones? The answer to these questions is called media analysis. Media analysis reveals which media is most effective and mainly used by specific target groups. Since multiple media channels are often simultaneously used, a designer's idea must be flexible enough for various channels.

With this understanding, we've concepted our course of study with widely appliable media channels.

Our perception of communication design not only requires a superb amount of creative capability, but also a deep understanding of the media and its social significance. Due to this, we provide extensive theoretical knowledge. This knowledge ranges from design theory and design critique, design history and philosophy, to even precisive strategical use and design management.

We shape students into specialized generalists with a particular focus in all types of media. This leads to effective solution-finding capabilities, with a regard to all media aspects. The effective and practice-oriented content we offer makes our communication design graduates greatly demanded, even in times of a market crisis.

We are committed to keeping man-kind our main focus. Our goal is to help students develop into independent and productive individuals. We do not agree with the concept of adjusting students to becoming public utilities for the economy. We strive to uphold this principle with great fervor.